Direct Access: Next Step for PT in Illinois

If you’ve been a physical therapy patient in Illinois, you know that getting treatment requires a prescription. You can be evaluated by a physical therapist, but you still must ask your physician for a referral to begin treatment. Other states, however, allow for direct access: if you know you need physical therapy, you simply go and get physical therapy–no need to ask permission or be billed for a doctor’s visit, too.

When you appreciate the value and variety of services PT provides, or have already established a relationship with a therapist who understands your individual history and abilities, this only makes sense. Physical therapists are the medical experts on musculoskeletal movement, and one of the few pratitioners with whom you spend more than a few minutes’ time. While even states with direct access are sometimes subject to limits on treatment, direct access puts you in the driver’s seat as a health care consumer, eliminating the middleman and controlling costs.

The Illinois Physical Therapy Association (IPTA) supports Rep. Dan Burke from the 1st district of Illinois as our state legislature’s champion for direct access. He is facing a primary challenge, and the IPTA is asking members to campaign and donate to his campaign. If direct access is important to you, please consider contributing to an experienced legislator who fights for this important issue.

Click here to donate to via Burke’s ActBlue webpage (ActBlue is simply the vehicle through which online donations are accepted) or simply mail a check to:

Committee to Elect Dan Burke

2650 W. 51 st Street

Chicago, IL 60632

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