Direct Access Bill Passes House

Great news! The Direct Access bill passed the House of the Illinois General Assembly unanimously!  This is a promising development. HB 4643 as amended will now move to the Senate without opposition.

Next week: we will be asking for you to contact your senator and ask them to support HB 4643 as amended (look for our facebook post), but today we can celebrate a major victory and important first step in making direct access to physical therapists in Illinois a reality.

Thank you all so much for your support!

We are most grateful to our chief bill sponsor, Representative Daniel J. Burke, along with all of our other bill sponsors, Ann M. Williams – Robyn Gabel – Jay Hoffman – Kathleen WillisTheresa MahJohn C. D’AmicoJerry Costello, IINatalie Phelps FinnieMichael D. UnesLaura FineBarbara WheelerLaToya Greenwood and Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.

We would also like to thank Bob Pritchard and Tom Demmer, our area’s congressmen, for their support.

As we pointed out in an earlier post, Direct Access to Physical Therapy means a patient can walk into a PT clinic and receive treatment without having to visit a doctor to get a script first–just as you would visit your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, etc. It puts you in charge of your health care. By making physical therapy treatment more accessible, it allows you a wide range of preventative care options that not only keep you injury-free, but help save costs long-term.

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