Core Concepts–Posture: The Key to a Strong Core

Thursday, Nov. 8 | 6:00-7:00 PM

We had a great turnout for our first workshop in this series all about how the respiratory diaphragm works to “ignite” the core muscles! Now, find out how integral your core is to your posture!

Samantha Eakes, DPT, presents this FREE workshop discussing the core as the foundation of our posture. Good posture is not simply a matter of appearance. Our posture affects how we breathe, how we grow, even how we think and feel. Poor posture, conversely, can limit our abilities, leading to aches, chronic pain, and even injury.

We’ll discuss how our core works with the other parts of the body that inform our posture. You’ll learn how to hold yourself and move to automatically turn those muscles on and engage your core.

Our Core Concepts workshops are free and open to anyone! Physical therapists are the medical community’s experts in musculoskeletal movement, so take advantage of our expertise! Bring your curiosity and questions for a lively, informal, and informative evening.

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